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HOPE – Project for Abused Women and children- Volunteers registration

This is a home for Abused Women and children who need your help in upgrading its aging infrastructure.
This is a call for all to use our talents and gifts in helping others.
Siloam HOPE is looking for anyone who has skills in the following areas:
Interior Designers
And if you have any old educational children DVD’s and toys we would also appreciate those as well.
Join us in our first community project to bring HOPE to the home for abused women and children in Daveyton
Together we can make a difference!

Contact Shan Naidoo for more information:

Naming the organization

Today we spent sometime going through possible names for our organization, it proved to be very interesting but at the end of the day a lot goes into name, because it says everything about us and where we want to be or who we want to be.

We finally settled on “Helping Other People Excel” (Siloam HOPE) after all this what we focus on. We want to also look at correcting family root problems and restoring hope to those who have lost it.

Visit to the centre for abused women and children

The Siloam Hope team went to a centre for abused women and children (we have not mentioned the name for safety reasons) in one of the townships in the East Rand. This centre has been operation for a couple of years helping women and children who have been seriously affected by domestic violence or abusive spouses.

The centre was given funding to build or extend onto their current building, however the funds were not sufficient enough to complete the project and as it stands it is incomplete and uninhabitable.

The Siloam hope team went to the centre to establish the extent at which we can contribute towards the completion of the project. Our aim is to:

  1. Find out priority requirements for the project
  2. Assess the extent which we can contribute using the existing Siloam Hope capacity
  3. See what sponsorship or donation possibilities we can find for them

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